Wolfgang Dalitz

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Data:
born May 31, 1956 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany
grown up in Wuppertal
since 1976 living in Berlin
two daughters: Laura (born 1990) and Linda (born 1993)
School attendance from 1963 to 1976 in Wuppertal
since 1967 visit of Carl-Duisberg Gymnasium (High School), Wuppertal
1976 - 1984 Studies of Mathematics (main subject), Computer Science (secondary subject),
Sociology and Philosophy at FU Berlin and TU Berlin
1984 Master Degree in Mathematics
1984 - 1985 Research Tutor at Free University Berlin
1985 - 1988 Software Engineer and Projectmanager at DeTeWe AG, Berlin;
since 1988 Scientific Assistant at Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB),
Department Scientific Information System (SIS)
2020 ICMS 2020
since 2019 MaRDI for NFDI
since 2016 swMATH
2015-2016 ICMS 2016
2014-2015 co@work 2015
2010-2012 ISMP 2012
since 2009 E-Lecture Infrastructure for ZIB
2008-2018 MPC - Mathematical Programming Computation, Production Manager
MG60 Video
2006-2007 Math&Industry
2005-2006 Search Engines for Mathematic Community
2004 Activities within IMU, Math-Net and Special Interest Group IuK
2003 The Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians (EWDM)
IMU-Net: The Electronic Newsletter of IMU
Relaunched of the IMU Web Server
1999-2002   CARMEN WP7: A Document Referencing and Linking System.
1997-1999 Information services for the mathematics in the internet Math-Net
since 1998 various activities within IMU/CEIC (Committee on Electronic Information and Communication)
1998 technical realisation of International Congress of Mathematicians ICM'98
1995/96 DMV-Specialized Information Project (Fachinformationsprojekt)
since 1994 various services for the IMU (International Mathematical Union)
since 1993 activities within German Information and Communication Initiative
since 1993 various services for DMV (e.g. ST-Net, IuK-Mailinglists)
since 1992 Opt-Net (Optimization Network)
since 1988 eLib (electronic library for mathematical software) with netlib and redlib
Further (job) activities:
2008-2016 Chair of staff council (Personalratsvorsitzender)
Member of staff council since 2004 (Personalrat, member of Gesamtpersonalrat 2005-2007)
Since 2004 Speaker of the Specialized Interest Group IuK of DMV and ÖMG
Till 2008 privacy commissioner of ZIB (Datenschutzbeauftragter) - substitute from 2008
Further (private) activities:
voluntary commitments for the Städtpartnerschaft Kreuzberg-San Rafael del Sur
Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)
e-mail: dalitz@zib.de
Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
phone: +49-30-84185-201
fax: +49-30-84185-269
e-mail: dalitz@zib.de
e-mail: wolfgang@dalitz.de

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