Wolfgang Dalitz

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Data:
born May 31, 1956 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany
grown up in Wuppertal
since 1976 living in Berlin
two daughters: Laura (born 1990) and Linda (born 1993)
School attendance from 1963 to 1976 in Wuppertal
since 1967 visit of Carl-Duisberg Gymnasium (High School), Wuppertal
1976 - 1984 Studies of Mathematics (main subject), Computer Science (secondary subject),
Sociology and Philosophy at FU Berlin and TU Berlin
1984 Master Degree in Mathematics
1984 - 1985 Research Tutor at Free University Berlin
1985 - 1988 Software Engineer and Projectmanager at DeTeWe AG, Berlin;
1988 - 2022 Scientific Assistant at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB), Department Scientific Information System (retired 2022),
since 2022: IT Consultant, Tutor for Mathematics, Freelancer, Delivery Driver
2021 E-Lecture Support for CoMa I (FU Berlin)
2020 ICMS 2020
2019-2020 MaRDI for NFDI
2016-2022 swMATH
2015-2016 ICMS 2016
2014-2015 co@work 2015
2010-2012 ISMP 2012
2009-2022 E-Lecture Infrastructure for ZIB
2008-2018 MPC - Mathematical Programming Computation, Production Manager
MG60 Video
2006-2007 Math&Industry
2005-2006 Search Engines for Mathematic Community
2004 Activities within IMU, Math-Net and Special Interest Group IuK
2003 The Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians (EWDM)
IMU-Net: The Electronic Newsletter of IMU
Relaunched of the IMU Web Server
1999-2002   CARMEN WP7: A Document Referencing and Linking System.
1997-2008 Information services for the mathematics in the internet Math-Net
1998-2018 various activities within IMU/CEIC (Committee on Electronic Information and Communication)
1998 technical realisation of International Congress of Mathematicians ICM'98
1995/96 DMV-Specialized Information Project (Fachinformationsprojekt)
1994-2018 various services for the IMU (International Mathematical Union)
1993-2018 activities within German Information and Communication Initiative
1993-2018 various services for DMV (e.g. ST-Net, IuK-Mailinglists)
1992-2021 Opt-Net (Optimization Network)
1988-2008 eLib (electronic library for mathematical software) with netlib and redlib
Further (job) activities:
2008-2016 Chair of staff council
2004-2022 Member of staff council
2005-2007 Member of General Staff Council Berlin (2005-2007)
2004-2018 Speaker of the Specialized Interest Group IuK of DMV and ÖMG
2000-2008 Privacy Commissioner of ZIB - substitute from 2008-2016
Further (private) activities:
voluntary commitments for the Städtpartnerschaft Kreuzberg-San Rafael del Sur
E-Mail: wolfgang@dalitz.de

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